The Beaten Path


East Rosebud Wild and Scenic River

Mystic Lake, Island Lake, Silver Lake

Froze-to-Death Plateau, Granite Peak

Avalanche Lake, Aero Lakes, Kersey Lake

Otter Lake, Lake Elaine, Jordan Lake, Aero

Fossil Lake, Rock Island Lake, Widewater Lake

Fox Lake, Otter Lake, Lake of the Winds, Lake of

the Clouds, Princess Lake, Martin Lake, Alice lake

Boot lake, Farley lake, Crazy lake, Green lake

Granite lake, Castle lake, Summersville lake, Crystal lake

Flat rock lake Theil lake, North Hidden lake, Marmot lake,

Maryott lakeVarve lake, Navajo lake, Turgulse Lake, Lowary Lake, Salix Lake

Snowball Lakes, Upper Arch Lake, Brent Lake, Mystic Lake Hydro Electric Dam

Custer gallatin, National Forest Trails, Trail Heads, Fish Information and

Fish Species from Montana Fish and Wildlife, Custer Gallatin National Forest 

Trailhead Numbers, Lake Elevations, Topography,

Made with Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Contours, Hillshade / Shaded Relief Map

Campgrounds, Other Hiking Routes

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