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Landscape Art


This is an artistic rendering of a beaver pond and beaver lodge in Teton National Park.  This was created by using mix media.


Beaver are one of the largest members of the rodent family, and are incredible swimmers and builders.  In a marshy area known as Sawmill pond, a family of beavers built a lodge in calm water and live in dens underneath the banks of waterways.  The pond was created by stream water backing up behind the beaver's dam.  The large dam, is solid structure made of branches, twigs, mud, and old trees.  The dam spans the entire south side.


Teton National Park is a beautiful place.  Striking and rugged peaks is why this place is a popular destination for mountain and rock climbers.  The Tetons host a range of moderate to difficult rock climbs that can typically be completd in a day.  A few favorites include Disappointment Peak, Ice Point, Irene’s Arete, The Snaz, Guide’s Wall and Symmetry Spire.   Lodging is available in nearby Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


One of the most popular of all the Teton rock climbs. This hike sports beautiful scenery, challenging climbing and an opportunity to see the american pika.  The approach is located a few miles up Cascade Canyon.


Teton Beaver Pond

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