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Folgert Studio

Folgert Studio, Jere Folgert, Bozeman, Montana, Art, Maps, Cartography, Photograph.

Folgert Studio isn't your typical gallery. Sure, you'll find stunning wildlife photography and Images of Yellowstone's grizzly bears and the jagged beauty of the Absaroka-Beartooth Mountains. But the real story unfolds in the hilarious behind-the-scenes adventures that birthed this art.

Imagine spending three months camping at an altitude that makes your nosebleed reconsider its life choices. That's Jere Folgert, the artist behind Folgert Studio, roughing it in the mountains to capture the perfect shot of a mountain goat mid-sneeze (hey, it happens!).

His days might involve:

  • Twenty-hour Pika-a-thons: Jere patiently observes the American pika, a tiny, hyperactive cousin of the rabbit. These little guys are adorable, but try explaining that to your aching back after eight hours hunched over a camera.

  • Surprise brunches with bears: Just when you think you've got the perfect mountain stream scene, a grizzly ambles by looking for takeout. Jere might get an award-winning photo (from a very safe distance!), but you might get a story for the grandkids.

  • Underwater Critter-Cam: Forget Jacques Cousteau, Jere tackles the underwater world... of a mountain stream! Snorkeling for cutthroat trout might not be glamorous, but the resulting photographs are guaranteed to make regular fish look boring.

Folgert Studio isn't just about capturing nature's beauty, it's about sharing the real, hilarious, heartwarming, and sometimes downright bizarre moments that happen when you spend more time with wildlife than your cable bill. So come on down, and prepare to be amazed (and maybe a little bit grossed out by all the pika poop – research has its price!).


Folgert Studio is a testament to Jere's dedication and slightly offbeat sense of humor. So next time you admire a photo of a majestic grizzly, remember, there's probably a story behind it that involves questionable camping foods, sleeping in a tent for weeks, near-bear encounters, and possibly a very beautiful and amazing American pika.

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