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Jere Folgert and Cassidy

Jere Folgert


Jere Folgert uses his photography and filming to exemplify his passion for wildlife and wild places. He shares photos and experiences from decades of hiking, camping, and skiing across the American west.  "Wildlife and wild lands are my interest," says Mr. Jere Folgert. 


Jere explains, "In my humble opinion, wilderness is a place to be respected and revered. Wilderness has many natural benefits that we are just beginning to understand.  I deeply believe wilderness is a place of safety and refuge from the pressures of our fast-paced society. Wild places provide us with a get-away, where we can seek relief from the crowds, traffic, construction, and noises that too often confine us. "


Although Mr. Folgert did not keep an almanac as a young kid, he was born approximately 50 miles from Sand County Wisconsin, near a river, where his love of water, nature, and wildlife was ignited. His father and mother were avid outdoors people, and Jere learned at an early age that being outside - in nature - was a rewarding experience.  He stated, "One of my favorite quotes is: 'Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination'. - Voltaire.


Jere stated, "For me, inspiration comes when I spend time in the wilderness. After a long hike, I stop and sit quietly, watch, listen and learn.  Many subtle colors and patterns of nature come alive within me.  By studying the natural world and nature, we can begin to understand so much more.


Jere went on to say,   The opportunity to have an intimate relationship with nature is increasingly rare in our modern world.  I gently visit these wild places not to manipulate, take control of, or dominate,  but instead to immerse myself as a collective member of the larger community of life. "


Jere explains, “My dad was an English Professor and an admirer of the natural world.  His library provided access to books written by Euell Gibbons, Henry David Thoreau, Aldo Leopold (Sand County Almanac) and Rachel Carson to name a few.   He was a mycologist as well and spent much of his life learning about and teaching others about wild mushrooms.  My siblings and I would spend time with him in the woods, searching for a magical experience or parts of nature that would inspire us."


Jere graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison (A Bachelor of Science), and the University of Edinburgh, Scotland (world-class Masters of Science) after time in the United States Army.  While in the military, he received an Army Commendation Medal and an Army Achievement medal for his excellent military service.


If Jere is not in his Bozeman, Montana studio, he likely will be hidden in the wilderness, observing, filming, and dipping his brush into nature's colors.  He artfully captures subtle intricacies in nature; including patterns, dimensions, and textures.


We caught up with Jere between filming trips and asked if he could share a few his personal stories and exhilarating adventures and experiences.

Jere Folgert, Kayaking with Cassidy


Jere stated, "Ever since I can remember, my connection to the world was through nature.  Our family was virtually always outside; Gardening, planting trees, camping, fishing, picking berries, and exploring.  Every spring we collected maple sap and produced maple syrup.  I grew up with a Nikkormat film camera (Mr. Camera),  a camera my dad used while in the Airforce. Mr. Camera was so flashy and captivating to use.   A wheel turned the film, the shutter clicks were loud, and every photo was magic waiting to happen.  I filled my memory with blue skies, white clouds, captivating flowers with deep roots, and wild creatures who thrived in the primeval woods."


Jere Folgert picking berries 1970s
Jere Folgert Skiing
Jere Folgert and his Dad 1960s
Jere Folgert Snorkle
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