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The photograph captures a scene of comical stoicism: an American pelican, looking utterly bewildered, stands knee-deep in a Yellowstone pond.


Snowflakes swirl around it in a near-blizzard, clinging stubbornly to its feathers. One beady eye, unimpressed by this unwelcome reception committee, stares out at the viewer. It's as if the pelican is thinking, "Did the brochure mention snow? Pretty sure it mentioned geothermal wonders..."


American pelicans are the ultimate snowbirds, but even they seem to have gotten their migration dates mixed up. These gentle giants, with their enormous wingspans (sometimes reaching up to ten feet!), typically spend their summers breeding in places like the Great Lakes or the coasts of California and the Atlantic. Come fall, they head south for warmer waters in Mexico, Central America, and even the Caribbean, where the fishing is good and the scenery involves palm trees, not pine trees.


So what's our Yellowstone pelican doing braving a snowstorm? It's possible he's a young bird who got separated from the flock and took a wrong turn. Or maybe he heard rumors about the legendary Yellowstone fish buffet and decided to stake his claim early (fish don't mind the cold, after all). Whatever the reason, this pelican's out-of-season arrival is sure to raise a few eyebrows (or beaks) among the local residents.


This photo is a delightful reminder that even in the animal kingdom, things don't always go according to plan. It also highlights the incredible adaptability of American pelicans. Despite their comical appearance on land, these birds are graceful fliers and expert divers, using their large pouches to scoop up fish with impressive efficiency.


Here's hoping our intrepid pelican finds his way south soon, or at least enjoys a particularly bountiful fish breakfast for his troubles!


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Just Winging It (Pelican)

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