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Lobster's Abstract Dream


The artwork explodes with color, a vibrant celebration of Maine's iconic lobster.  Two oversized claws dominate the scene, hinting at the power these crustaceans possess. A kaleidoscope of paint splatters adorns their shells, a playful contrast to the creature's natural dark brown or greenish-red hue. These Maine lobsters aren't just colorful characters, though.


They're bottom feeders, scavenging the ocean floor for mollusks, worms, and even other deceased sea creatures.  Lobster lovers have enjoyed their sweet, succulent meat for centuries – Native Americans harvested them long before Europeans arrived.  And these tasty denizens of the deep can live for a remarkably long time, with some lobsters reaching a sprightly 100 years old!


Forget drab dinner plates, this artwork serves up Maine lobster in a Jackson Pollock frenzy! Two colossal claws reach out, like a crustacean's desperate plea for butter (and maybe a bib). But the real stars of the show are the lobsters themselves, their shells transformed into a kaleidoscope of splattered paint. Unlike their shy, brownish-green cousins who lurk on the ocean floor, these lobsters clearly partied a little too hard at the Crayon Convention.


Believe it or not, these psychedelic guys are Maine's most famous residents – the American lobster. Forget fancy plates; for hundreds of years, these weren't exactly a delicacy. Native Americans enjoyed them, but early colonists considered them "poor man's food," even using them as fertilizer! Can you imagine – fertilizing your garden with what's now a luxury meal? Talk about a turnaround. Today, these bottom-dwellers are more interested in a tastier menu – clams, worms, and the occasional fish, all snatched with those impressive claws. And get this: these colorful characters can live for a whopping 100 years, which means they've probably seen some serious seafood fads come and go. So next time you tuck into a lobster dinner, remember – you might be eating a creature who witnessed t


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Lobster's Abstract Dream

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