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Protecting The Bison Twins


The artwork is a powerful portrayal of motherhood and resilience set against the iconic backdrop of Yellowstone National Park.


In the foreground stands a magnificent bison mother, her massive form dwarfing the lush green meadow. Her eyes are watching, protectively, her gaze powerful, a testament to her fierce maternal instinct. Nestled close by her side are her twin calves, their reddish-brown coats contrasting beautifully with their mother's darker fur. The scene exudes a sense of tenderness and watchful care.


Yellowstone National Park holds a special significance for bison. Once hunted nearly to extinction, these majestic creatures have made a remarkable comeback, their presence a symbol of ecological restoration. The painting subtly references this turbulent history. The vibrant splashes of color – rich browns, deep blacks, and fiery oranges – could be interpreted as a nod to the bison's fiery spirit and their hard-won survival.


The artwork also sheds light on the delicate balance of life and death in Yellowstone's ecosystem. Grizzlies, wolves, and coyotes are all potential predators of young bison calves. The artist's portrayal of the watchful mother underscores the constant vigilance required for these vulnerable newborns to survive.


Bison calves are typically born in the spring, between April and early July, thanks to a phenomenon called birth synchrony. This synchronized birthing strategy offers some protection to the calves, as predators are overwhelmed by the sudden abundance of prey. However, the first few months of life remain a critical period. Studies suggest that only around half of all bison calves survive their first year.


Despite the ever-present dangers, the painting ultimately conveys a sense of hope. The strength and determination of the mother bison, coupled with the playful energy of the calves, embodies the resilience of nature. It's a reminder of the ongoing success story of bison in Yellowstone and the importance of protecting these magnificent creatures and the vibrant ecosystem they call home.


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Protecting The Bison Twins

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