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Queen of the Tetons


This artwork bursts with color, capturing the magic of springtime in Grand Teton National Park. The centerpiece is a magnificent grizzly bear, her fur a rich tapestry of browns, splashed with sunlight filtering through the clouds and big sky. Could this be the legendary Grizzly 399, known for her resilience and record-breaking number of grizzly cubs?


The true identity remains a delightful mystery, but one thing's for sure – this mama bear is a symbol of strength and motherhood in the Tetons. Her two cubs, depicted in playful strokes, tumble around her with wide-eyed curiosity.  Their dark fur stands out against the vibrant green meadows dotted with wildflowers, a testament to the abundance of spring.


Grizzly 399: A Powerful Matriarch of the Tetons
Grizzly 399 isn't just a bear; she's an icon. Born in the wilds of Grand Teton National Park in 1996, this remarkable grizzly has become a symbol of resilience, motherhood, and the delicate balance between humans and wildlife.


A Life Tracked, A Legacy Witnessed:

Grizzly 399 earned her name not through a christening, but as the 399th bear fitted with a radio collar by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team. This collar allowed researchers to track her movements, revealing a fascinating life spent roaming the vast landscapes of Grand Teton and the neighboring Bridger-Teton National Forest.


The Movie Star of the Tetons:

But Grizzly 399's true fame stemmed from her unique choice of territory. Unlike most grizzlies, she frequented areas near park roads, often raising her cubs in meadows readily visible to park visitors. These close encounters captivated the public. People witnessed the fierce protectiveness of a mother bear, the playful antics of her cubs, and the harsh realities of survival in the wild.


A Story of Loss and Triumph:

Grizzly 399's journey hasn't been without heartbreak. Several of her cubs have perished from natural causes and, tragically, from human actions like vehicle hits. These losses highlight the vulnerability of grizzlies even within the protected park boundaries.


A Window into Conservation:

Grizzly 399's story serves as a powerful tool for conservation. Witnessing her struggles and triumphs fosters a deeper appreciation for these magnificent creatures and the importance of protecting their habitat. The park, with its educational programs and responsible wildlife viewing practices, allows visitors to learn from Grizzly 399 and become stewards for the future of grizzlies in the Tetons.


A Legacy of Wonder:

Today, Grizzly 399 is considered an elder amongst grizzlies. Though no longer tracked by radio, she remains a captivating presence in the Tetons. Her story continues to inspire awe, educate the public, and serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of coexisting with these remarkable animals.

The world of grizzly bears that call the Tetons home is fascinating. These powerful creatures emerge from their winter dens around March for males, and April-May for females with cubs. They're famished after a long sleep, and their diet is anything but picky!  Grizzlies are omnivores, enjoying a smorgasbord of berries, nuts, fish, insects, and even small mammals.


As for mama bear's cubs, a single female can have litters of 1 to 4 cubs. These little ones stay with their mother for up to 2 years, learning the essential skills for survival in the wild.

So, the next time you visit Grand Teton National Park, keep your eyes peeled for these magnificent giants. Remember, with proper precautions and bear awareness, you can share this incredible ecosystem with these fascinating creatures.


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Queen of the Tetons

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