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Young Yellow Bellied Marmots

While filming the American Pikas on a talus slope near Bozeman, Montana (USA), seven (7) young Yellow-bellied marmots were exploring their new rocky world. Similar to the young, juvenile American Pikas, the young, juvenile Marmots are phlegmatic and appear relaxed and peaceful as compared to the older marmots.

Breeding season takes place after emerging from the hibernation. Pregnancy lasts about one month and results in the birth of up to eight babies (maybe more?). Female gives birth in the nest coated with the grass.

Fur of the Yellow-Bellied Marmot is yellowish to brown in color. They have yellow patches on the side of the neck and the fur of reddish to yellowish color on the underside.

Similar to the American Pikas, Yellow-Bellied Marmots are vegetarians and their diet consists of grass, seeds, vegetation, flowers, and herbs.

By the end of July, most of these juvenile marmots dispersed and were no longer spending time together.

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