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Western Meadowlark

A vocal Western Meadowlark was singing emphatically near Bozeman Montana (USA). A recent April snow storm, covered much of the Bridger Mountains in a fresh layer of white powder casting a cotton-blue background. The Meadowlark flew down into the mix of vegetation and snow directly below the shrubs, then back up again to perch. Yellow buds were just emerging from trees and shrubs. It was striking how similar they were in hue, tint and tone, as compared to the bird's breast feathers.

When I think of Meadowlarks, the features that come to mind are the distinctive and loud calls, and the brilliant yellow breast and bold black "V". What is striking about this bird is that the egg-yoke yellow splashes of color.

"Beyond the town of Bozeman, Montana,

Where Main Street is Emphatic in Expression,

The Lumens of the Western Meadowlark,

Color the Gallatin Valley with Yellow processions."

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