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American White Pelicans. Graceful in Water. Majestic in the Air.

A group of four (4) American White Pelicans, landed in a small pond in Bozeman, Montana (USA) today. Ranking as one of the largest North American birds, they soar with incredible steadiness using broad, white-and-black wings.

While paddling on the water, they rest, groom, communicate and scoop fish courtesy of the huge beak. Some adult birds consume more than 4 pounds of food a day.

They winter on the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico coasts from central California and Florida south to Panama. Some winter along the Mississippi River.

These large birds arrive on the breeding grounds in March or April; nesting starts between early April and early June.

I've observed eleven (11) American White Pelicans, land on, and take off from, a water body less than a quarter (1/4) acre in size.

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