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Best North American Film (WCFF)

Our "Adventures of the American Pika" Film won a prestigious award: BEST NORTH AMERICAN FILM.

"The Adventures of the American Pika", produced by Jere Folgert and Mimi Matsuda, premiered at the 2017 WCFF in New York City, NY. This film was awarded and won the Best North American Film (WCFF). What an honor !

The 2017 Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF) took place in New York, NY, October 19-26 at the Cinema Village Theater and other locations. Ten days of film screenings, panel discussions, conferences, receptions, and field trips were held. Over 100 international documentary films were screened, and many were world premieres. More than thirty nations were represented through film and over thirty film international producers and scientists attended.

This wildlife film is educational and entertaining. The film takes us on a journey that’s about survival, planning for the future, storing food for winter and watching out for one another. Composed of three unique stories - each chapter reveals the adventures of our characters. The film shows us how these cute and rugged individualists live their life with purpose and dashing strength - all while trying to avoid predators and life-ending events.

Jere Folgert

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